So What’s Next?

Greetings, Fellow Covid Captives!

First and foremost, I sincerely hope all of you are surviving the challenges of our new daily and ever-changing routines and procedures as dictated by this horrible pandemic due to the coronavirus. The Executive Board and I heartily encourage you to practice your leadership skills, set the example, and keep a positive attitude as we all tackle this new normal in our lives and the lives of those we lead. Masks, hand sanitizer, and washing your hands are such small things to do in order protect the people you love, cherish, and lead! Success will only be found when everyone works together to keep everyone else safe.

As you know, the IAJSHC Executive Board had to cancel the Annual IAJHSC State Convention and the IAJHSC Summer Leadership Camp for health and safety reasons. We were as disappointed as all of you must have been, but there is nothing we do more important than the safety of our members.

With that in mind, the Executive Board has begun the process of planning comparable activities for the coming school year. We are working to schedule and plan district leadership workshops in all of the IAJHSC districts. The Adult Directors, the new 2020 – 2021 District Representatives, and the workshop host advisors will be working to ensure continuity of leadership training with a focus on skills development. In addition, a special committee of board members has been formed to develop a format for a special leadership camp workshop to be offered in each district in order to provide the opportunity for all councils to have access many of the leadership opportunities which would have been taught during summer leadership camp. We are still looking for fall and mid-year workshop hosts, but everyone must realize we will switch to virtual workshops if necessary for the safety of the membership.

Convention 2020 business is mostly concluded now. All requested shirt orders have been filled and delivered, all Outstanding Member certificates have been printed and mailed, and all other requested refunds have been issued. Remaining refund checks will be issued upon request to me, but they must be able to be cashed within one week of their receipt. We are trying to maximize interest gain by keeping the money in an interest bearing savings account until it is needed. Every little bit helps to keep next year’s fees as low a possible.

Awards normally presented at convention will be presented at the Advisors’ Leadership Workshop on September 17 – 18, 2020, at the Eastland Suites & Conference Center in Bloomington. The awards which will be presented will include 2019 – 2020 Workshop Host Awards, Advisor Longevity Awards, and Honor Council Awards. Once again, should conditions require, the workshop will be done virtually using Zoom.

Well, that’s about all for now. Once again … Stay Safe … Stay Healthy … Mask Up, Batman!!