Happy New Year, IAJHSC!

Welcome back to school in a brand-new year. Let’s all hope that 2023 is going to be way better than any of the last couple of years. The IAJHSC Executive Board is counting on a full recovery, and we are hoping to get back to our normal operations with full attendance.

Be sure to check the calendar on this website to make sure you are aware of all upcoming events for the association and for your district. As we begin this new year, we have a lot of leadership activities which will be coming up … Mid-year Leadership Workshops and most importantly, the 64th Annual IAJHSC State Convention on April 21 – 22, 2023. Of course, you will not want to forget about the IAJHSC Summer Leadership Camp. I challenge each of you to make certain that you are up to date with all the details of each event, so you and your council members do not miss out on these fantastic leadership opportunities.

I want to be sure you remember that your 2023 membership dues must be paid by January 30, 2023, in order to be eligible to participate in the events and activities of the IAJHSC. All the convention forms and information will be posted in the Members’ Area of our website at that time. Only those with paid membership dues will receive the new password needed to be able to access the Members’ Area. The Convention Timetable Snapshot is already available for your convenience as is the Honor Council Award Application Form.

Our keynote speaker at this year’s convention will be Ms. Adrienne Bulinski. She is a nationally recognized youth motivational speaker. We are really looking forward to her inspiring leadership messages. Ms. Bulinski will be keynoting our Friday night and Saturday morning general sessions and will conduct small group sessions with delegates during the lunch rotations.

Another very important activity at convention is year will be the election in four of the eight districts for Adult Director (two-year term) and in all of the districts for new 2023 – 2024 District Representatives (one-year term). The Executive Director election (three-year term) will be held at the advisors’ luncheon. All appropriate forms will be found in the Members’ Area of the website posted with the rest of the convention information. I would like to ask all of our members to begin looking for your best student leaders who would make a great District Representative and encourage them to run for the position in your district. Serving on the IAJHSC Executive Board is one of the best leadership experiences for a middle level student to have.

As always, all the members of the IAJHSC Executive Board are willing to assist you in any way possible as you work to empower your students with leadership skills which will take them and those around them to untold heights of future success. Feel free to call upon board members to help you as needed.

Again, I wish you the very best for the New Year. I sincerely hope to see all of you when we gather to celebrate quality middle level student leadership in the State of Illinois at the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Convention Center in April this year.

Best wishes always!