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Hooray for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, and so is the 64th Annual IAJHSC State Convention!! Both are rapidly approaching … spring with warmer weather and no snow … convention with a keynote, nationally known speaker and caucus meetings for meeting new friends while catching up on the latest district news. The Hall of Ideas will provide all attendees with the opportunity to gain information on new activities and events. Just like with the arrival of spring, the atmosphere will breathe new life into your council as you celebrate the successes of great middle level leadership in the State of Illinois.

Our keynote speaker, Mrs. Adrienne Bulinski, will address all delegates in the first general session on Friday evening, in the second general session on Saturday morning, and then in small group rotations during the lunch rotations. She will be helping us learn “Perserverance with Grit” during the general sessions and then will get down to the “Nitty Gritty” during the smaller sessions. Adrienne promises to be one of our most inspiring and motivating keynote speakers. You will not want to miss this opportunity to benefit from her leadership experiences and lessons.

Look to the left of this letter and find our shopping cart for the Illinois State Police Shop with a Cop graphic indicating our progress on raising funds for this very worthwhile IAJHSC State Service Project. The cart is filling nicely, but there is still work to be done!! Let’s all work together to fill that cart to overflowing!! There is still plenty of time for your council to donate and receive recognition at state convention. A huge “thank you” goes to all who have donated so far. Your generosity and support will go a long way to help kids in the State of Illinois who may not be as fortunate as most of us may be.

Do not forget meet all the deadlines for convention registration. We are hoping this will be one of our largest and best conventions! Go to the Members’ Area to find al the forms and information necessary for registration. Everything is there and is easily accessible.

Keep in mind that registration time for the IAJHSC Summer Leadership camp is also rapidly approaching – June 18-24, 2023. Camp is a weeklong training event for your student leaders, and it will change their lives forever. It is one of the most memorable experiences a middle level student can have. Information, registration forms, and deadlines will be published here on our website after April 1, 2023. We wait until then to make sure there is no confusion with convention registration information.

In closing, I hope the rest of your school year goes smoothly and well. It has to be better than the last couple of years have been. I am looking forward to seeing you at the state convention on April 21-22, 2023, as we gather to celebrate our recovery from these tough years and share our visions for looking ahead to even more middle level student leadership opportunities in the State of Illinois.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce A. Small, IAJHSC Executive Director