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Happy Holidays, IAJHSC!

Hopefully, things are returning to somewhat normal conditions in your classroom and with your student council. The IAJHSC is trying very hard to move onward and get back to normal by planning leadership activities for you to attend. The upcoming holiday season presents a huge opportunity to upscale your council events to not only teach and develop your council’s leadership skills but also to promote school spirit and pride at a time when guidance and leadership from your council is so greatly needed.

As you check out the website you will see that we have revised the Honor Council Award Application to reflect a move back to a normal schedule. The new form is posted here and ready for you to get started earning the award again this year. The posting also includes the prewriting guide for the student written article as well as the new Convention Timetable Snapshot for you to use to make sure you make all things convention deadlines.

We now have three districts with scheduled in-person Fall Leadership Workshops and are looking forward to all districts getting volunteers to host these very important events. Be sure to check out the calendar of events to see if and when a workshop might be scheduled in or near your district so that you can attend with your council members and give them the opportunity to learn and develop their leadership skills. Let’s all “Get hungry for Leadership … We need s’more leadership like YOU!”

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