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Hope For The Day Selected as the Recipient of the 2020-2021 IAJHSC State Service Project

The Illinois Association of Junior High Student Councils (IAJHSC) is proud to
present our 2020-2021 State Service Project: Hope For The Day. This non-for-profit
focuses on suicide prevention founded by Jonny Boucher in 2011 hosting The Light
Project and other various activities around the country and world. Hope For The Day’s
main goal is to bring the suicide rate down and break the silence and stigma around
mental health struggles.

Suicide is a big concern, so we need to address it. That is why this year, we are
going to do the absolute best to try and raise as much money as possible. We want to
be part of the change. We want to make a difference by raising money and awareness.
We are so excited for what's to come this year:

  • Start by speaking with your council about the State Service Project. You
    can access the presentation about HFTD on the IAJHSC website:
  • Visit Hope For The Day’s website to learn more about them: hftd.org
  • Use the resources available on the website to share with your advisors
    and teachers: https://www.hftd.org/geteducated
  • Brainstorm with your council how you want to raise awareness
  • Ask your advisors to share with you the list of fundraising ideas Mr. Small
    emailed out to get your fundraising efforts started

Thank you,

Your 2020-2021 IAJHSC District Representatives
Erin Perkin (NEL), Quinn Meadows (ME), Anicka Ash (MW), Sophia Garcia (N), Shayla Patel (NE), Micah Toms-Smith (NW), and Gavin Rhodes (SE)

Download Erin Perkin's SSP article »
Download the 2020-2021 SSP PowerPoint® presentation »
Download the 2021 SSP Remittance Form »

History of IAJHSC State Service Projects »

pop canOngoing Service Project

(in addition to the annual State Project)

IAJHSC Pop Tab Service Project for Ronald McDonald Houses

For many years the IAJHSC has supported the Ronald McDonald Houses in Illinois by asking each school attending convention to bring one gallon of pap tabs per delegate so that the tabs can be recycled. The tabs are collected at convention, weighted, and taken to a recycling center to be exchanged for money. The money is then donated to the Ronald McDonald Houses.

Unfortunately, in the earlier years of the project, we did not keep any records of our donations. However, in more recent years, we have begun to keep those records. The list of our support for the Ronald McDonald Houses through the recycling of the pop tabs follows. The money donated always depends on the going rate for recycled aluminum at the time of the donation. The numbers are approximate.

A big THANK YOU goes to everyone for popping tabs! The mission of the Ronald McDonald Houses is to create, find, and support programs that directly help the well-being of children. Our donation each year helps them to achieve that very important mission.

Download a printer-friendly version of this article »

Year Pounds Collected Number of Tabs Amount Donated
2003 7,000 8,869,000 $3,000
2004 6,634 8,405,278 $3,723
2005 6,300 7,982,100 $3,100
2006 4,500 5,928,236 $3,000
2007 6,300 7,982,102 $3,200
2008 3,660 4,638,487 $4,000
2009 4,350 5,131,350 $1,280
2010 4,861 6,654,792 $2,500
2011 3,800 5,500,000 $2,500
2012 3,355 4,250,780 $1,678
2013 3,090 3,915,030 $2,009
2014 3,413 4,324,777 $1,962
2015 4,193 5,401,221 $2,131
2016 4,115 5,153,649 $1,442
2017 4,008 5,780,136 $1,874
2018 3,200 4,800,000 $1,714
2019 2,695 3,234,167 $1,078
2020 N/A N/A N/A


Past IAJHSC State Service Project Beneficiaries:

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