Summer Vacation Means Work for the IAJHSC Executive Board

Happy Summer Vacation!!

I sincerely hope your summer vacation is going well and is filled with excitement and adventure as all summer vacations from school should be!!  Be sure to be safe in everything you do, but maybe venture a bit outside the lines to help make memories 0f a lifetime!

The IAJHSC Executive Board is taking advantage of the summer vacation time to prepare for the upcoming school year of student council activities.  Thanks to the excellent efforts of Mr. David Nenn, Leadership Camp Director, and his staff of junior and senior members, over 200 students from our member schools once again had the time of their lives for a week at the IAJHSC Summer Leadership Camp at the 4H Memorial Camp in Monticello, Illinois.  They learned so much while they were there … leadership skills, how to run a council, job responsibilities, and made many, many new friends at the same time.  The connections and networking that began at camp will surely take them successfully into the new school year and will help them grow their councils to be absolutely “SUPER!”

Speaking of “SUPER,” check out the new IAJHSC theme for 2017- 2018!  The seven District Representatives really worked to come up with a wonderful new theme for us to use as we promote middle level leadership in the State of Illinois.  Recognizing that there is something special in everyone, they developed the themeUnmask the Super Leader in You! for us to use as a springboard to leadership development.  Absolutely fantastic job, District Representatives!!

They also began their work on researching either a charity or a camp which serves middle level children in Illinois to be our new State Service Project for the coming year.  Each District Representative will prepare an informative presentation for the fall Executive Board meeting trying to convince the Board to choose her/his particular charity/camp to be the official SSP recipient at the 2018 state convention.

Adult Directors have also begun to accept bids for upcoming Leadership Workshops in their respective districts.  Check the calendar to see when and where workshops are scheduled in your district.  If none has been scheduled in your district yet, you are so lucky!  That means you still have a chance to put in a bid and “Unmask the Super Leaders” in your council as you host a Leadership Workshop at your school.  Bid forms are available online or from your Adult Director.

Advisors … Don’t forget to put the annual Advisors’ Leadership Workshop on your calendar now and turn in your request to attend as early as possible.  You simply will not want to miss this opportunity to give your student council year a “SUPER” start so that things get going “faster than a speeding bullet” and you feel like you can leap council projects “with a single bound!

Take care and as always, let us know if there is anything I can do to help you as you endeavor to “Unmask the Super Leader in You!”


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