IAJHSC Clues to the Upcoming Holidays!!

Greetings and Happy Holidays!!

Now that you have a couple months of school and student council activities under your belts, hopefully things are going well for you and your council.  With the approach of the holidays within the next two months, here are some important CLUES for you to follow to find the leader in YOU!

Clue #1 … What a great time for you to design a fundraiser to  support this year’s State Service Project chosen by the board at the fall Executive Board meeting ~ Big Brothers Big Sisters.  It was a hard choice because all seven of the District Representatives made such wonderful presentations for the charities they each researched.  The final selection vote was one of the closest ones in the last several years.

The holidays really bring out the best in people and remind them to think of others.  It makes it easier to get people to participate in your fundraiser projects for this very worthwhile cause!  Brainstorm to come up with a unique fundraising activity to add your support to the BBBS.  Information and links to the Remittance Form can be found to the left of this newsletter.

Clue # 2 …  Don’t forget that you can support the IAJHSC by using Amazon Smile and choosing the Illinois Association of Junior High Student Councils to receive the benefits of your holiday shopping.  We receive 0.5% of qualifying items you purchase using that website for your holiday purchases.  It’s very easy … exactly the same as using the Amazon site.  You sign into Amazon Smile using your regular Amazon account (or create an account if you don’t already have one) and shop for your holiday gift giving.  Prices are the same – everything is the same except we receive the 1/2 percent of your purchases as a donation from Amazon.  Easy as can be.  Accumulated donations will go to offsetting convention costs or will be donated to the SSP once the amount becomes significant enough to use.

Clue #3 … Don’t forget that your dues for 2019 must be paid by December 31, 2018 in order to keep your membership current.  You will be receiving your first renewal notice from our Executive Treasurer, Mrs. Murphy, within the first week or so of November.  If you joined the IAJHSC anytime after the 2018 state convention, your membership is good through 2019, so you will not receive a notice.  You will receive a certificate of membership instead.  All other members will receive their membership certificate once they pay their 2019 dues.

Clue #4 …  Be sure to check the calendar tab to see what our upcoming events are.  The dates for the remaining fall workshops, midyear workshops, convention dates, and summer camp dates can be found there.

Clue #5 … All who attended the September Advisors’ Leadership Workshop received a copy of the  2019 Honor Council Application Form and a Convention Timetable Snapshot for the 60th Annual IAJHSC State Convention on April 12 – 13, 2019.  Both of those forms can be found here on our website if you missed the workshop and did not receive your copies.

That’s it for now.  I don’t have any more clues to share for now … which does not mean I’m clueless for those of you who had that momentary thought!!  It just means I’m saving more for later.

Happy Holidays from the IAJHSC.  Follow the Clues to the Leader in YOU!